All my fears of going to the dentist completely went out the door after my first cleaning here. The staff and Dr.'s are extremely patient, gentle, and informative. I was recommended here by a friend who knew I was nervous about going to the dentist after many years.


I am so happy I was referred here. I was skeptical about going to my appointment as I needed a deep root cleaning and filings. However, my experience was "as good as it gets" going to the dentist. The doctor was gentle, provided explanation and constantly checked to see if I was okay during the procedure. The assistant was just as good as the doctor, she had excellent chair side manner and made the procedure super comfortable. At one point, I caught myself falling asleep during my deep root cleaning...seriously, how does that happen?! This office has met and surpassed my expectations.

Talibah A

The staff is very friendly and professional, and the service is great! I am very satisfied with my experiences at Grove Hill Family Dental.


I have been coming here since 2005 when Dr. Luis and his wife previous had this dental practice. This practice is now run by Dr. Shah. I came here this morning with my son. We came to have our dental X-rays done and get our teeth cleaned. Dr. Rupal Shah and her staff did an excellent job on our cleanings and my filings that I needed to be refilled. The fillings and cleaning procedures were painless. The doctor is very thorough when cleaning our teeth and replacing and adding new fillings. She gave me tips on proper brushing and flossing for healthy gums and teeth. I'm glad she takes the time to give me pointers on oral health. I don't want to have to get dentures or a snap on smile later in life for failure to take care of my teeth. I don't want a snaggle-toothed grill. She and her staff are helpful, attentive, friendly and very professional. They treat us with the utmost care and respect. This practice is great for kids and adults. There's a tv in the waiting room and in the area where the dental procedures are performed to keep children and adults entertained while being serviced. They give each patient a bag with a soft toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss after every teeth cleaning. I highly recommend this dentist office to anyone looking to have a great smile and healthy teeth.

Kiana D.